"We love the mess up tray for many reasons. But my favorite thing about it is that even my 12 year old can use it. Recently, my son was in the pantry and as he was reaching for a snack he bumped a jar of spaghetti sauce off the shelf onto our hard floors. The jar shattered everywhere as did the sauce. At least thats what he told me. By the time I got downstairs to see what had happened, he had already grabbed the mess up tray off the wall and cleaned it up... even the little pieces of glass! I told him to be careful and that I would sweep the rest up. But, he said it was all done. When I inspected closely, he was right! Even the little pieces of glass had been picked up. Took him minutes to do what would have taken 15 minutes otherwise (grab the paper towels, wipe up the sauce = half a roll of paper towels, sweep with the broom etc.) The mess up tray was really easy to clean. Even the red sauce did not discolor the white tray." - Melinda R.

"I absolutely LOVE having my mess up tray handy. Last night I canned strawberry jam and accidentally dropped a jar on my floor. Well, my Mess Up Tray cleaned the whole mess in ONE swoop! It was just so great to scrape the pile of jam and broken glass into the tray and dump it in the garbage. No glass cuts, no sticky rags to wash! I just rinsed off the tray and I was done. This is brilliant, thank you Mess Up Tray!" - Kerry T.


"We've used the Mess Up Tray many times and it has worked great. It is so great for wet messes. Our dog had an upset stomach and threw up on our tile floor. We were able to squeegee the wet mess up and then just sanitized the area. It also worked great on a spill of Lasagna. I will keep using the Mess Up Tray and highly recommend it for other to use." - Wendy B.


"We love the Mess Up Tray! I am very messy with 6 animals and two children, it seems like there is always something to clean up! My kids grab the MessUp tray as soon as there is a spill, broken glass, especially any wet messes and it is cleaned up so quickly. We couldn't live without it!" - Melody K.